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The Hidden Realities behind The Gulf War
The Hidden Realities in the History
The Scotland War of Independence
The American War of Independence
The French Revolution
The Birth of a new Identity
The Hidden Realities behind The Gulf War
During World War I, the Free Masonic Governments managed to destroy the Muslims Caliphate and annexed oil territories . The part now called Iraq was put to British mandate & the current boarder was defined by them & through the Iran Iraq War,after its independence the USA took over interest in Iraq. In fear of purist Islamic up raising, the CIA aided the parties rise to power making Saddam Hussain the leader of Iraq &
an ally to the Masonic states.

When Kuwait later started raising its oil prices it was destroying the war - wounded economy of Iraq. Threats were made but ignored by Kuwait. The situations worsen until finally Iraqi troops were mobili- -zed to the boarder. The Free Masonic media, the American media in particular portrayed this as a shock and an out rage, however it was
reported that the USA ambassador to Kuwait had a prior knowledge of the invasion and Iraq's intentions, as did the CIA.
An Elite Group
A group which had created the illusion of a man with power at the head of million of strong army on the verge of going nuclear , a man who had gained control over 1/5th of the world's oil over night, however in reality he was a Millipore, in amongst many pore, just a puppet in a grand master plan, with a Gulf war as a well-orchestrated stepping stone. The orchestrates of the war by no means strangers to controlling the major events, in fact they have done so for centuries,from the shadows they have
engineered every major war, revolution and recession.

They control everything you read, everything you see. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populous to their way of thinking and have controlled the key positions in place of authority, and it is from the SHADOWS that they have created a new political order and a new religious order. Their ultimate aim is a total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach Their goal.
The goal that was outlined in the speech givens by the former President of the United States, George Bush.
What is the States, is more than one small country, it is a big idea , A New World Order (Find more about the NWO).
However the origins of this Global plan was not created in the offices of the White House, in reality their roots lay in another war, This time it's the year of 1095 and the place is Clay mount,France. To find more about their origins Click on The Hidden Realities in the History
Did the GULF WAR serve its purposes ?
After the Gulf War, Saddam Hussain is still alive and Kuwait has been liberated, it remains to be asked exactly what purpose Gulf war served to Free Masonic orchestrates?

The Masonic west had long ago realize that the control of oil is vital to their economies, one of the main reasons is their reliance on cars and road transport, however although exists to mass produce fully operational electric cars, all attempts to do so has been vetoed. This is because oil is crucial to maintain their world order without the world from oil Muslim economies will fall and without a puppet government and leaders such as Saddam Hussain, the Free Masonic west couldn't control the Muslim nations. Wealth and false leadership of these nations, nothing prevents the purest Islamic movements from coming to power.

Poverty creates unity and Muslim Unity is the greatest fear of the forerunners of DAJJAL.

The Gulf War served many purposes such as to promote Western Unity, to create divides amongst the Muslim nations , to act as a testing ground for an entire arsenal of military weapons and cocktails of chemicals and drugs but most of all it served to ensure a strong military presence in Middle East (Now USA military troops are almost in every country of Middle East, having their largest Military Base Camp in Qatar).The DAJJAL has praised to a strong hole in the very heart of Islam itself by a firm grip on the Muslim Holy lands.

But although they plan, Allah also plans and "ALLAH IS THE BEST OF PLANNERS"

  Atlast The Fear became
a frightening Reality
  August of 2nd, 1990 Sadam Hussain forces crashes the defenses of oil riched Kuwait. In fear of the Iraqi invasion into the Saudi Arabia, United States and her coalition allies called into the Arabia peninsula to form a deterrent,The deterrent that was known as a
  D E S E R T  S H I E L D
  The result was a serious diplomatic talk, negotiations and counter negotiations that rapidly decline into a no-hope situation. On August 17th 1991, The Desert Shield became
  D E S E R T  S T O R M
  The conflict was witnessed by millions through the eyes of CNN and BBC, showing the propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam's forces by coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However what was little known was from the outside that the war was engineered, controlled and manipulated by
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